The deadline for representations is 29 November.

Once again the area is under threat from a large-scale development, this time off Bedwell Road, which is the continuation of New Road from Elsenham Station.

The application is for up to 220 new homes between the M11 and the railway line, with road access just before the bridge carrying the M11.

Elsenham, Henham and Ugly Parish Councils will rigorously oppose this application. The traffic from this development would either travel along the twisty road across Ugley Green to the B1383 north of Stansted or go down New Road into Elsenham and add to the congestion in Station Road and beyond.

As before the major issues are the large amount of recent new housing, the difficulty of road access, pressure on the school and surgery, and loss of landscape and agricultural land.

You can object by sending an e-mail to with the reference UTT/19/2266/OP as the subject.

You need to include your name and address and give your own views on why the application should be rejected.

M11 southbound between junction 7 and junction 6: carriageway repairs

Kier will be carrying out carriageway repairs on the M11 southbound between junction 7and 6, on behalf of Highways England. Previous surveys have identified the need for maintenance works in this location, for road safety reasons.

They plan to complete this work for one night from Friday 20 September,with working hours of 9pm to 5am,weather permitting. A full closure of the M11 southbound between junction 7 and junction 6 will be in place during this work.

Please note that details of this works are correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change.

A map showing the road closure and diversion route can be found below.

Diversion route

A clearly signed diversion route will be in place directing traffic via, the A414, A10, M25, before re-joining the M11 at junction 6.

Diversion Map:

Find out more To stay informed about all the latest major roadworks happening near you, visit Highways to register for the latest alerts. If you have any enquiries please contact the Highways England Customer Contact Centre on 0300 123 5000, or by e-mail to

Renewed application by Fairfield for up to 350 houses between Elsenham and Henham.

Deadline: 23rd September

Here are some thoughts from the Parish Council concerning how to respond to the renewed application .

You could mention the large amount of recent housing in the village. Road access is key. It would be helpful if you were to include experience of long delays and difficulties on the route through Grove Hill, Lower Street and Chapel Hill in Stansted, in particular examples of gridlock on Grove Hill (when traffic in both directions is immobilised), or running down the pavement at Chapel Hill. Also, it would be helpful if you were to mention whether you use an alternative route to Grove Hill, which route and how often and why.

It’s important to give your personal views – you can be short or as long as you like.

There are a couple of things which will be ignored if you include them. One is that development would devalue your property; the other is that it will spoil your view – although you can say that it will have an impact on the countryside. Loss of open space is a possible objection, and so too is the loss of a large area of agricultural land. Be selective.

E-mail your representation to quoting Ref UTT/17/3573/OP or comment on the link above

Plans to demolish bungalow next to Memorial Garden and build a large 5 bed house 2 meters away.


Details and to share your comments please visit the below link

The Parish Council has looked at the application. Here are some notes as to what you might say in objecting:

The most obvious point is in the impact on the Memorial Garden. The applicants have already felled the trees behind the Memorial Garden which helped to enclose it. A house there would obviously be overbearing. You might add something about the impact on the church services which are held there at Christmas, Easter and Remembrance, and possibly your experience of these services. As ever, keep it personal.

You might want to add that the proposed second access onto Station Road is clearly too close to the junction.

Please keep it personal to your experience.

Reply on the above link or email: quoting Ref UTT/19/1714.

10 July 2019: Abbotsford Bridge – progress update July 2019

Temporary river diversion works are complete and the carriageway surface has been carefully removed to expose utility services that run through the structure.  

It will not be necessary for BT cables and a main sewer pipe to be diverted during the works as we have constructed a temporary structure to support these pipes and cables during the construction period. This is now in place and operational.

Other pipes and cables require diverting temporarily over the watercourse (electric, gas and water supplies).  A second scaffold system has been constructed in advance of the works. 

These temporary diversions will be carried out by the respective utility provider.  We have experienced an unplanned delay with the diversion of electricity cables, however the diversion of water supplies is expected to begin in the coming days and gas diversions are due to commence next week.

Once the diversion of utility services are complete, works can begin to remove the existing structure.

10 June 2019: Abbotsford Bridge – progress update

Since the closure of Abbotsford Bridge on 13 May, a site compound has been established and a temporary footway and lighting installed to provide a pedestrian route during the construction period. This is now in public use.

A temporary bridge is in the process of being installed to support utility supplies that require diverting temporarily. In the coming days electrical diversions are set to begin.

River diversion works are also in progress.

To support local people and businesses, additional signage has been placed on the local road network.

We will continue to post updates on this webpage as the scheme progresses.

Changes to the 7A bus service

Changes to the bus service from 22nd June

Passengers use of the service has been reviewed over the past few weeks, it has become apparent that the last journeys of the day Monday to Friday on the 7A (the 1819 7A journey and the 1835 7A journey) are not being utilised and as a result, ECC have made the decision for the duration of the bridge closure to withdraw these journeys. Likewise, on Saturdays the 7A is not being used, so all 7A journeys on a Saturday will also be withdrawn.

The changes will come into effect from Saturday 22nd June. A new timetable can be viewed below.  

7/7a bus timetable

New Housing Development in Elsenham



In responding to them, it is not necessary to go into details as to the reasons – that can be reserved for the response to UDC when the planning application is lodged.

As part of the application, the developers will prepare a statement to show how they have involved the community. They will state how many people responded to their consultation. The smaller the number, the better it looks for them.

Wallace Land Investments is preparing a planning application for a new residential development of approximately 104 homes on land west of Elsenham. The new dwellings will be developed across two sites:
* Land off Isabel Drive
* Land off Stansted Road

Hall Road Closure Update

Update on closure of Hall Road for up to 6 Months

Hall Road bridge is falling down

Abbotsford Bridge is on Hall Road, about a quarter of a mile down from The Crown. Amazingly the original structure is 140 years old, and consists of a cast iron deck supported on cast iron girders.

Structural engineers from ECC have visited it and determined it is at the end of its life and a new bridge is needed. The 3-day closure in March was preparatory work to clear vegetation.

May to November for new bridge

ECC say the main works are to commence on 10th May and expect to take about six months to complete (maybe it will only be 4 months, but until they lift the old bridge it is difficult to tell, and they say poor weather may delay them). That means they are being cautious with their estimates. As part of the work they will temporarily relocate the pedestrian footbridge, the water course and utilities.

Hall Road will be CLOSED

During this time ECC say that unfortunately a full closure of the road will be necessary. They say that they will put up official diversion signs.

ECC has put up a webpage to provide details and updates. The link is:

You should be able to find the link through  and then enter Abbotsford Bridge in the ‘I’m looking for’ box.  It should then be the first on the list.