The EPC is a civil local authority and the first tier of local government. We act as a bridge between the community and the council.

The EPC is a team of 11 elected councillors who represent the community. We are supported by the clerk Louise Johnson who ensures we conduct our business properly, Louise also provides us with independent, objective and professional advice and is the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO).

EPC have a variety of powers and duties, all of which impact directly on the community, which include: The playing field, play parks, allotments, cemetery, footpaths and rights of way, the memorial garden, flowerbeds, bus shelters and litter collecting to name a few.

EPC have representative powers and must be notified by Uttlesford district or Essex county council of all planning applications and transport (bus) schemes.

The parish council has a chair and vice-chair elected by council members. Members will also elect candidates to serve on various council committees and outside bodies.

The council currently delegates certain business to committees: 

  • Allotment Committee
  • Communications Committee 
  • Finance Committee
  • Flower Beds Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • Playing Field Committee
  • Rights of Way & Open Spaces Committee

Each committee has formal Terms of Reference which outlines the business it is authorised to consider.