Essex Police Fraud Update 16th October 2020

Crimestoppers launch COVID hotline

The Crimestoppers COVID Fraud Hotline (0800 587 5030) has been set up by HM Government in partnership with Crimestoppers to enable individuals to report fraud within the public sector during COVID.

The hotline allows those with information to anonymously report their concerns in the knowledge that this information will be dealt with.

Giving Crimestoppers information in relation to fraud means we can help protect the public purse from individuals and companies seeking to undermine the stimulus schemes brought in by Her Majesty’s Government to assist people during COVID. Contact anonymously and free of charge on 0800 587 5030 or use the form at if you have any information or suspicions about any potential crime involving the public sector.

If your information is in relation to the furlough scheme, please visit the HMRC Fraud website or if your information is in relation to benefit fraud, including universal credit, please visit report fraud within the NHS, please use the NHS Counter Fraud Authority online form.

Amazon-themed phishing campaigns peak ahead of Prime Day

Police in the North East are warning of a number of phishing emails following the Amazon Prime Day earlier in the week.

The sophisticated campaigns attempt to leverage both Amazon features and consumer behaviours to lure victims to fraudulent webpages that harvest financial information, credentials and other sensitive data.

One new campaign targets “returns” and “order cancellations” related to Prime Day orders using a fraudulent site,, that impersonates a legitimate Amazon site.

Parcel Delivery Service (PDS) hoax email

A number of residents have recently received a hoax email (right) that warns them about a parcel delivery scam in the lead up to Christmas.

The majority of the information provided in the email is incorrect or out of date. The number in question has since been repurposed by another company (although will still set you back £3.60 per minute).

However, residents should still remain alert if they receive a card stating a parcel they do not remember ordering could not be delivered, and should be wary of taking delivery of parcels they have not ordered.

If you receive this hoax email, please do not pass it on, simply delete the message. For more information, read the Action Fraud article here:

COVID-19 scams

With new Tier 2 Covid restrictions in place in parts of Essex, residents are reminded to remain vigilant for the Covid-19 scams that have previously been circulating.

If you would like copies of previous EFAS alerts relating to Covid-19 scams, please email: