Renewed application by Fairfield for up to 350 houses between Elsenham and Henham.

Deadline: 23rd September

Here are some thoughts from the Parish Council concerning how to respond to the renewed application .

You could mention the large amount of recent housing in the village. Road access is key. It would be helpful if you were to include experience of long delays and difficulties on the route through Grove Hill, Lower Street and Chapel Hill in Stansted, in particular examples of gridlock on Grove Hill (when traffic in both directions is immobilised), or running down the pavement at Chapel Hill. Also, it would be helpful if you were to mention whether you use an alternative route to Grove Hill, which route and how often and why.

It’s important to give your personal views – you can be short or as long as you like.

There are a couple of things which will be ignored if you include them. One is that development would devalue your property; the other is that it will spoil your view – although you can say that it will have an impact on the countryside. Loss of open space is a possible objection, and so too is the loss of a large area of agricultural land. Be selective.

E-mail your representation to quoting Ref UTT/17/3573/OP or comment on the link above