Essex Police Fraud update 2nd October 2020

Starting on 5th October is a week long law enforcement campaign to increase awareness of Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking, in particular focusing upon child exploitation. As a result, the content of this EFAS has changed slightly in line with this campaign.

Money Mules

Criminals will sometimes try and launder money through the bank accounts of innocent people under a number of different disguises.

Fraudsters may ask you to receive money into your bank account and transfer it into another account, keeping some of the cash for yourself. If you let this happen, you’re a money mule. You’re involved in money laundering, which is a crime.

You might be approached by fraudsters online or in person. They might post what looks like a genuine job ad, then ask for your bank details.

Once you become a money mule, it can be hard to stop. You could be attacked or threatened with violence if you don’t continue to let your account be used by criminals.

Don’t Be Fooled by offers of quick cash.

Criminals need money mules to launder the profits of their crimes. Mules will usually be unaware of where the money comes from – fraud, scams and other serious crime –or where it goes.

Becoming a money mule can have serious consequences for you and
for others. Illegally obtained money from money mule accounts can be used
to fund other organised crime including:

  • Human trafficking
  • Child exploitation
  • Terrorism

For more information and advice regarding money muling, visit: